Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be sought out for many different reasons. Reasons include issues and problems related to daily life, problem solving what to do about college, career choices and changing jobs or careers, problems with depression and anxiety or other mental health issues that are crippling a person’s ability to function. I work with all these areas of need and have done so for over 30 years. I developed and directed a clinic for those suffering from severe depression and anxiety as well as supervised other therapists who are working in these and other related areas.


Marriage and Couples Counseling

It can be a scary thing to realize your marriage or relationship is failing. And scarier to go for help and telling a perfect stranger about your problems. I understand that and enjoy bringing couples into the comfortable setting of my office and making them feel at ease. Together we talk about what has been happening and what we can do to make your relationships stronger.

I have a very high rate of success with couples in marital and couples counseling. With extensive experience in many areas of therapy including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and domestic violence I can help you when dealing with these problems in a marital or couples counseling situation. Our common goals include a desire to save your marriage or relationship and a willingness to do whatever it takes to not only fix the relationship but to make it even better than it has ever been.


Family Counseling

Sometimes problems involve the whole family or several members of the family. This can involve step-children , step-parents not getting along, issues in raising children, parents who have totally different views on child rearing and discipline, and many other related issues that arise in families. I believe in doing whatever is best for the whole family. This may include individual therapy for some members and then meeting together with other members of the family to try and improve the family as a whole.


Alcohol Problems

I have been working with alcohol and drug addictions for over 20 years. I provide individual, one on one treatment in the relaxing comfort of my office. There we can explore what kind of problem we are dealing with and how to fix it.  Just because you have an alcohol problem, does not necessarily mean that you are an alcoholic. But, no matter what type of problem you have, I can give you the tools to gain control over it.

I also provide evaluations that can be used in court for drinking and driving arrests as well as evaluations for license restorations.


License Restoration

Many people suffer through years of being without a driver’s license because they don’t know exactly what to do about getting it back, or are hesitant to try. I have been helping people with this problem for over 15 years. I not only provide the substance abuse evaluation you need but also will guide you through the process, if you would like me to.  Its not that difficult when you know what to do.  If you don’t have a lawyer we will decide together whether you need one. It is not required to have a lawyer, but you do need to know how to follow the process and provide the best evidence you can to the hearing officer. I can help you do that.


Drug Problems: Abuse and Dependence

I work with all types of drug problems, including addictions to pain killers, methamphetamines, cocaine, and all controlled substances; as well as problems with psychological dependence on marijuana.

We will work together on a one to one basis, in the privacy and comfort of my office, to help you take control of your problem. Should we find you need more intensive treatment I can refer you to an inpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility and I will provide you with the consultation and assistance needed. Or we will find another appropriate facility. My concern and priority is to get you the treatment you need.